Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TT--Sewing!! And a Card

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No big cleaning projects, no organizing, no re-arranging, no before-during-after photos.  Last week was a project week with very specific projects, and a very specific deadline:  a wedding on Saturday.

My first project was sewing a "modesty panel" in the dress I planned on wearing for the wedding.  The "vee" in the neck revealed just a little too much!  I've had this dress for about four years, and I used to wear a camisole underneath for modesty.  The problem with the camisole is that I had to shorten the shoulder straps so it would sit up high, but then it was binding under my arms.  So last week, I brought out my scissors and snipped a triangle piece out of that camisole.  I figured, "How hard can it be?"

It was frustrating trying to get the panel to sit just right inside the dress.  But surprisingly, the sewing part was fairly easy.  To my hyper-critical eye, the panel is a tad crooked.  But who will notice?

dress with modesty panel

Now for the fun project.  For the wedding couple, I made a card.  I took the wedding invitation apart, and used a pocket in the original card to make a pocket in my own card.  :)  I then made a pull-out card to go in the pocket.  We wrote a blessing on the back of the pull-out card, and we all signed it.

card with pull-out message

And just for fun, I made a bookmark.  The ink on the word sweet smudged a bit, but it still looks pretty good.  The white tissue-paper flower (and the teal one in the flower on the card above) are also from the original invitation.


close-up of card
A neat side note:  My dress matched the wedding colors, which were chocolate brown and teal/sky blue.  I think it worked out nicely.  :)

Thank you, Shani, for hosting Tackle-It Tuesday!

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. Oh, Christine, you did a marvelous job on getting your items prepared for the wedding - I'm so happy for you! That modesty panel gave me a kick in the behind - "duh!" I thought to myself about so very many tops I don't wear without a camisole. Same problem, though. It looks lovely. :)

    Your card turned out so very prettily; well done!

    Thanks for joining us; I always love seeing what everyone's up to throughout the week, even if I am a little late visiting. :)

    p.s. What are you working on for next week? Inquiring minds want to know.... lol

  2. Shani,
    Thank you thank you!!! I work better if I have a deadline. I tend to put things off. :)

    For next week, I already took pic's for getting all my chemistry science supplies indexed and put away in my homeschool shelves. I might do more sewing, too.

    I have company coming tomorrow night, so the cleaning will definitely get done this week. Hooray for company!!