Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tackle-It: Science Supplies

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Box of science supplies
A few years ago, I loaned out this box of chemistry supplies; it was returned to me just a few weeks ago.   The box sat on the counter for a few days, then I moved it to the basement, on the floor in front of my homeschool cubby-hole cabinets.

Cubby-hole cabinets with box of science supplies

Thank the merciful Lord that I had already gotten my cubby-hole cabinets cleaned out and re-organized a few weeks ago!  I love these cabinets, which were originally literature cabinets that Fernando's company was throwing away in their dumpster.  Are you kidding me???  Each cabinet has 16 cubby-holes perfect for organizing things--especially homeschool things.  These cabinets are a prized possession, and have been put to incredible use for, oh, eight or ten years now.

If you look at the cabinets like a Battleship game board, cubby-holes A5 through A8, plus B8, contain my science supplies.  The top of the right-hand cabinet also holds boxes with science supplies.  When I first organized this, I made an index of supplies, named each cubby-hole and each box, then found a spot for every item.  I labeled each cubby-hole:  Bin 1, Bin 2, and so on, and the boxes in each bin as Box A, Box B...you get the picture.  And that index exists today!

But, when I bought the chemistry supplies, and Jacob ended up dropping chemistry, the box of supplies never got cataloged or put away.  Shortly thereafter, a friend asked to borrow them, so the box made a trek to her house.  And now that Danny had embarked on the chemistry journey, necessity spurred me to finally get these supplies indexed and put away.

Science supplies needing a home

Though there weren't that many things to put away, it still took time.  A few of the items were duplicates of things I already had indexed, such as eye droppers and beakers, so those were easy to put away.  I cleaned out the two cardboard boxes of jars, vials, and beakers (sitting on the top of the cabinet), since there were more items than we would use at any one time.  Most of what I recycled were glass jars; several of them--16-oz. former jelly jars--made their way into my pantry for storage or freezing.

Index of supplies

I indexed all new items on my science supply list by adding them in with pen, then placed the items in their new homes.  My index is alphabetical, and shows:  (1) the item, (2) how many I have, and (3) where I can find that item.  For instance, if I need assorted wood blocks, I go to Bin 1, and pull out Box A, and I will find the blocks.  Simple!

A place for everything...

The funny thing is that my "after" picture above doesn't look all that different from the "before" picture; the box is missing, and that's it!  That means that everything got put away.  :)  (Not to mention the fact that my "before" picture is really the "after" picture of my previous clean-the-cabinets project!)

Science supplies :)

Above is a close-up of most of my science cubby-holes.  It's so simplifying to have these things in their places.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.  I would add more to this motto:  If it doesn't have a place, don't give it any space.

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. Great job, Christine!!! You've got me thinking of one of many boxes I'm ignoring right now... *blush* Getting your school supplies all organized is a huge task, but you've done it well - yay!!!! :)


  2. Hey, I used to have a science supplies list almost just like that. But my school days are over and now all I have is a microscope and one box of stuff! I enjoy reading about your organizing, because I am in organizing mode myself right now!

  3. Yeah...whoa. Girl, you are truly amazing. All my life, I had always heard that there were people like you...wow, and I know now that there really are!!!

    Amazing. Just amazing. My hat's off to you, dearest friend!

    Love and {{{HUGS}}},
    Lori (who is dog-tired but has apples on the stove turning to mush - they're supposed to, it's applesauce time - and has to do some canning yet)

  4. As if "Illinois Lori" isn't one of those "people like you" herself. Hahahahaha! Looks good, Christine! How do you catalog the Folger's can? =)

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies! Lori, I'm chuckling. (and about to leave to go get apples!)

    Pamela--It's classified as a coffee can. ;)


  6. Hi there Organization Lady !

    Ohhh you can come over and organise my house any day. I am not a details kind of gal. I love the big picture and dreaming up ideas. But I always get lost in the details. ((sigh)) Those cabnets are NEAT ! Trying not to have cabnet envy, lol. I hope the Emily Barns book will help me get organised but it helps if I can get to reading it. ((blush)) It doesn't happen by osmosis does it. *grin*

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  7. Mary, I would LOVE to come over and help organize your house! It's one of my favorite things to do. Is that weird?? :)

    I would, of course, have to bring my camera. You live in such an incredibly beautiful part of the world!!

    Hugs back to you,