Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Blog Blog!!! (and some pictures...)

I have a very dear friend.  She spent all afternoon yesterday playing with me and my blog.  I think I remember 5% of all that she showed me I could do on this little ol' page!!  But, I'm still excited about the changes that will be coming soon.  Really, it's just in how this blog looks, but it's still amazing to me!  And Lori is amazing. 

I wish I could take some pictures, but alas, my dear camera is getting repaired.  However, I can post some pictures!!

Since I have shutter withdrawal, here are one or two pictures from vacation--upstate New York.  And for those naive folks who think "upstate" means you can hop in to the city whenever you want, remember the up in upstate.  As in north.  :)

These pictures are a few of the birds and critters I discovered at the Lake.  There was no comparison to sitting on the south porch with my camera and a cup of tea, the air filled with birdsong as I waited patiently to see what came to visit.  :)

Back to life,


  1. Oops! Something went wonky with the photobucket, I see all blanks. And I know those birds are cuties! So keep tinkering. Be sure to use the "direct link" code when you post them, and I'd use the "insert photo" button when creating the post.

    btw, guess what I'VE been doing all morning, too??? :-D


  2. I love the chickadee looking up to the left! So sweet!

  3. I like what you did to the photos - border/signature... :)

    'Twas a good pic you took of that Chippie. ;)


  4. Jay,

    Thank you! I started another blog, which is why the signature:

    I figured since I take so many pictures, I may as well do this for real. Who knows what will happen? :)

    Happy late birthday, too! You're 17 now, right? One more year of school? Wow, your mom and I are getting old. ;)

    ~Mrs. S