Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Sweet and Savory Morning

Due to my diligence (by God's grace), I had partially prepared my granola recipe and was ready to mix it up this morning.  After my plain cinnamon granola (Danny likes it that way) was in the oven, I realized I had used olive oil instead of coconut oil in the recipe.  Grr.  Just a little difference in taste, but I'm a perfectionist.

So I went ahead and created a brand new gourmet granola recipe, adding coconut flakes and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) that I had bought from Becki's co-op.  I borrowed a few ideas from others' recipes, and I have to say, the end result was the best-tasting granola I've ever made!  Now I must write my new recipe down and include it in my special cookbook (that is the subject of a future post!).

Then, since I had harvested the basil and parsley from my garden this morning, I prepared those and chopped them up for the freezer.  The herbs are a lot of work--picking leaves off of stems is tedious--but once the jars of chopped herbs are in the freezer, I experience a wonderful sense of satisfaction, plus thankfulness that the Lord, once again, has provided for my family.

Now it's back to preparing for vacation.  :)


  1. Okay, so when are you going to post pictures of your kitchen? :o) I looked at the first picture and said, "Where was that?"


  2. Dorito--Seriously?? I thought I had posted some a while ago. I'm getting old. I'm on vac. now (shhh, don't advertise it) but will work on that project when I return. I'm almost ready to come home. My mind is slowly going. I wish I could come and organize your kitchen or do a Bible study with you. Miss you lots!

    Love, Me :)

  3. Maybe it's my mind that's going. I don't remember them if you did. :o) Do I have to choose Bible study or organizing the kitchen? Bet if you came, there'd be a bit of both going on. LOL Wish you were here; it'd be fun no matter what we were doing. ;o)


  4. Mmmmm, that granola looks yummy! My mom just made us pizza and she had her fresh oregano and basil for us to put on it (she rolls out the dough, puts on sauce and cheese, then we all add our own toppings)...soooo good!


  5. Lori, that sounds so good! I sometimes will mix the herbs into my crust dough as it's kneading. Nothing beats fresh herbs! Oooh--I think we'll make caprese for Sunday. :)