Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love: A Commitment to Steadfastness

Because I've been experiencing camera withdrawal symptoms all week, I've been thinking about my blogs--especially this one.  Looking back through my photos, I realized that I captured several great shots of my parents.  So I've been thinking about them, and the legacy--the heritage--they've given me.

Just the fact that they're married, and have been married this long while (48 years), is a testimony to the heritage they've created, even if they haven't realized it.  Though my own marriage is very different from theirs--anyone who knows my darling husband would know this--their steadfastness of commitment to each other shines through, and is reflected in my marriage to Fernando.

I've seen them laugh together.  I've seen them kiss.  :)  I've seen them fight and make up.  I've seen that love isn't a mushy gushy feeling; it is a solid, everyday commitment to one's spouse, in good times and bad, with ups and downs, all along the way, no matter what.

I grew up with safety and security in the knowledge that dads and moms stay together.  I never even thought about it until my adult years.

Their life isn't perfect.  Whose is??  But they are together.  The two as one.

A beautiful heritage of steadfast love.

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. Amazing pix that capture the spirit of my fav aunt and uncle. Love the one in the Caddy. No, I did not pull a Tom D. and need a tissue while reading. Really...

  2. Beautiful pictures, of course. =)

    But could you amend your statement to say that love isn't JUST a mushy gushy feeling? ;)

  3. CJ--Thx for posting! I like the Caddy pic, too. And Kleenex is OK. Really.

    Pamela, Spot on! I do sometimes feel mushy-gushy with Fernando. Statement hereby amended. :)