Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cookbook: The Source of What's on Your Plate


I'm so excited to finally post something for Friday Farm Girls!  (Note to Lori:  Sorry this is a day late!)

And a note to everyone.  I'm not really a farm girl; I live in the suburbs, across from a grocery store, movie theater, and strip mall.  Not exactly farm country.  But I do love the heart of a farm girl--cooking from scratch, scouring for new recipes, gardening, etc.

Today, I wanted to share my cookbook with you!  This is actually the new, updated version of the original cookbook I created several years ago.  The original expanded into two books, with recipes hanging out of the top.  So, organizer-at-heart that I am, I purged outdated recipes, and ones I'll never use again (changes in health and nutrition).

I ended up with this beautiful binder, filled with my absolute favorite recipes.  I still have work to do on it; for instance, I do have other cookbooks with recipes I use, and I need to get those into this binder.  But most of my recipes are included here.  I simply bought a set of tabs, sorted through my recipes, and then made tabs according to what types of recipes I had.

Some recipes are typed into pages on the computer, and some are just taped into my binder.  I do love pictures, and have either scanned them in with the recipe, or taped the recipe/picture into the binder.  I also used page protectors, which I wipe down as I spill things on them.  (My signature cooking move is to let the pot boil over before I turn it down.  I somehow manage to do that almost every time a pot is on the stove.)

No more searching for the right cookbook--it's all right here.  And that makes me happy.

Back to life,

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