Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation Reminiscing: Time for Treats

While at Lake Bonaparte, we are required by family rules to visit a little place called Treats & 'Tiques once per week.  Um, make that at least once per week.  Treats for their ice cream treats, 'Tiques for the various antiques they display.

It's on Route 3, just as you enter Natural Bridge.  Of course, if you drive two more blocks, you'll leave Natural Bridge.  But you can't miss it; this tiny place is always packed on a summer evening.

Dad has a hard time deciding.

Now, if you ever visit, keep in mind that their sizes are a little different than what you'd experience in the suburbs.  Yes, they have small, medium, and large.  But unless you have a bottomless pit for a stomach, don't order those sizes.  Stick to the baby, kiddie, and extra small.  Trust me.
Not exactly a small.

Jacob enjoys his cone.

Thomas has a bottomless pit for a stomach...

 Jacob does it his own way.

The living-room-sized shop boasts two little tables; most people stand around outside to eat.  And that's okay.

Ice cream made us happy this evening.  My dad and mom were in a very silly mood!  Maybe the mood was enhanced by the fact that we picked up the tab--which, by the way, was about $22 for eight people.  That would make anyone happy.  :)

One word to describe our after-dinner festivities:  Yum.

Back to life, Christine


  1. What a great "photo-journal tour" you've taken us on! Loved it :-)

    Blessings and {{{HUGS}}},
    Lori (who is going to BED, finally!)

  2. Hi there,

    Lori shared with me about your blog and wanted to come by and say HI. I really enjoyed reading about your ice cream adventure. I abosolutely LOVE love love ice cream. I can eat it even in the winter and top it off with something warm to drink, lol. When I was a kid after summer camp we always went to Roughten Ralfs for ice cream which reminds me of the place you went. [0=

    Blessing in Him<><

  3. Mary, Thanks for stopping by! You're familiar to me, too--we have Lori in common. She is my blogging angel! She created my header and a button for this blog, and she's working on ones for my photography blog, too! I guess we have a few things in common--ice cream and boys! :)

    I grew up in NJ, and remember fondly the times my parents would take my brothers and me for ice cream at Carvel. Like you, I can eat it in the winter. Yum.

    In Him,

  4. Mrs. Soto,

    Love it!! All the ice cream pictures reminded me of after bowling when we went to Andy's. :)

    Enjoy these last days of summer!

    God bless,