Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Month of Thanksgiving -- Blessing 7

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Today, though I have no photos to share, I do have a story.  I am thankful for the Lord's provision.

In the past weeks, we have been borrowing from different categories in our budget so that we could purchase healthy food for our family.  We have been trying to buy organic where possible, but just last week my husband informed me that we will no longer be doing that.  We had drifted away from living on just what the Lord had provided for our food, and though our budget is financially just fine, we need to get back to the basic prinicple of, "This is what we have to spend--no more.  Once it's gone, no more groceries."

So last Friday, Fernando gave me my grocery money for the week--$15.  That was not easy to take, and I gulped inwardly as I wondered how that would be spent to feed five men and myself.  We had gone through a similar circumstance a number of years ago, and we saw the Lord's provision in a mighty way then...

Thomas and I drove on some errands that afternoon, and at one stop, I rummaged through my purse for something.  Was that a check?  I pulled it out, and remembered that my mom had just given me a check to reimburse me for some Costco groceries I had bought her the week before.  Forty-seven more grocery dollars!  I showed Thomas how the Lord was providing, and we went on our way.

At church on Sunday, I excited shared this story with a wonderful friend, and she commented that she was trying to clean out her freezer, and would we like some items?  Her daughter drove to our home on Monday with bags of blessings, and a frozen meal for us.  Through these two faithful servants, the Lord provided again.

On Monday afternoon, my mom called and asked if she and my dad could come down and bowl with us.  (We've been bowling together on a weekly basis for several years.)  She told me that she had been cleaning out her freezer, and asked if she could bring a couple of pork roasts down and we could combine efforts and share a meal together.  And yet again, we praised God for His provision.

The same dear ladies who shared from their freezer are also coming to supper on Thursday.  We will be combining efforts and the Lord will provide for that meal as well.

When I looked at our calendar yesterday to prepare for the rest of the week, I realized that we will be attending a banquet on Friday, hosted by Illinois Christian Home Educators for homeschool support group leaders.  (We are not homeschool leaders; I volunteer with ICHE as the coordinator for special and struggling learners.)  This year, families have been invited to attend the banquet.  Through this event, God is providing once more.

God took care of our week.  We so easily fall into the trap of thinking that what we have is really ours, and we use things (or money) without remembering where it came from.  This week, I stumbled once again into the reality that the Lord is my provider.  Thank You, dear Father, for making this fact abundantly clear, over and above anything I could have imagined might happen as I stood there with $15 in my pocket last Friday.  Thank You for Your provision.

Lifted a little out of context, this verse comes to mind:

Man did eat the bread of angels;
He sent them food in abundance.
Psalm 78:25

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  1. I guess we had the same thoughts! As you know I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. WOW!!!! I love to read stories like this. Beautifully said Christine! We have been on the same boat so many times, and He is FAITHFUL beyond what our little minds can grasp.

  3. Oh my dear friend...this is how we live!!!!

    Isn't it awesome to see Him at work. When you share this with others, it is just so hard for them to grasp the enormity of His Love for His children.

    But this is exactly what He means..."I will provide for ALL your needs"!

    PS: my budget is $25.00 a week for 5 people including a dog and a cat :)


  4. Maria, It is humbling to me that others spend far less than we do, yet I feel like I don't have enough. Part of it is that we're trying to eat healthy and organic. And part of it is that there are five men in my home. I could happily survive on $25 per week if all the guys would eat less! :)

    Thanks for sharing. The Lord is a good provider to His children.


  5. Hi Christine,
    I am sorry I am a little late in coming. I ran out of time yesterday.
    It's amazing how He always provides when we least expect it. Thank you for sharing:)