Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to Play Tag

Okay, Lori, I'm playing the tag-game-thingy now.

Do you have any special Christmas goodies that you like to make every year?

Not really.  But we have family traditions in the food department.  What can I say; I'm Italian!

We usually get together late morning to share a brunch of breakfast egg casserole, fruit, homemade whole-wheat cinnamon rolls, fresh orange juice, coffee, and tea.  Then for dinner, we partake of  homemade manicotti, braciole, homemade sauce with meatballs and sausages, handmade Italian bread, and salad with a variety of homemade dressings.  My mom makes several kinds of cookies, and I make a few, which we share for dessert.  Even my bachelor brother makes cookies!

Do you send Christmas cards? Photo? Letter?

When  we were first married, I sent cards, in which I wrote lengthy notes.  Then, we began sending cards with a letter included.  And I still wrote lengthy notes in each card.  At some point, I started writing our family Christmas letter and sending just that with a family photo.

Do you have a favorite Christmas or birthday gift that you received as a child?

I remember receiving my first Bible when I was 16.  I had become a Christian that year and asked for one for Christmas.  I was thrilled.

What was your favorite subject in school? Is it your favorite to teach?

(I thought this was about Christmas...)  Let's see.  I loved English and grammar, and especially spelling.  No, it's not my favorite to teach, since my sons do not like grammar or spelling!  I intensely disliked history and science in school, but I love teaching those because the boys like those subjects, and I get to re-learn (or learn for the first time) things I forgot.  History is fascinating when seen through the Lord's eyes in the light of His providence.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Neither?  Both?  I don't wake up early any more, but I can if I need to, and when I do, I love sitting at the computer at 6am with a cup of tea.  On the other hand, late night is nice when everyone goes to bed (but these days there's usually one guy still hanging around), and I can sit quietly and read or work on something (or surf!).  No matter what time I go to bed, I have to do at least a little of a crossword puzzle.  In ink.

What is one thing you wish you had more time to do?

Photography!  Oh, and read books.  Scrapbook.  Make cards.  Play flute.  Garden.  There are seasons for all of them, though, and I'm content to wait for each in its season.  Oops, it said "one thing."

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Anything from Andy's is absolutely awesome.  Fernando just did an analysis of our spending habits (with Discover Card, which we use--and pay off monthly--for everything except groceries), and our second highest fast-food restaurant YTD was Andy's.  And they sell ICE CREAM.  That should tell you something about our family!

Do you make your bed every day?    

Lori, here's my moment of truth.  No.

I guess I have to tag a few people to make this official.  Therefore, I officially tag Miss S and Jay and Allie, the young-folk bloggers out there!

Back to life,

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  1. Yay, we've both done our first "tag" in bloggyland!!! Thanks for putting up with me :-)

    Now I'm off to Captured by Christine Anne to see the photos at the farm!