Sunday, October 3, 2010

Morning at Honey Hill Orchards

We drove the hour-long journey west to Honey Hill Orchards in Waterman on a perfectly sunny Wednesday morning last week.  Dad and Mom, Joseph and Thomas, and I looked forward to enjoying a beautiful morning of picking apples.

Alas, due to a late spring frost, and high winds a few weeks back, the orchard was all picked out!  We found a total of four apples hanging from the trees.

We went in to the main barn--used as a store--where Roxie explained the situation.  She told us we could buy their bags of already-picked apples; they were $1.50 per pound.  She then mentioned that it was orchard clean-up day, and we were allowed to gather any apples we wanted from the ground.  These sold for 80 cents per pound.  Roxie assured us that we would likely find perfectly good apples suitable for pie filling and applesauce.  Hmm.  Almost half price sounded good to us.

So we headed back out to the orchards, each of us carrying a peck-sized bag.  About 20 minutes later, we sent Thomas back to the barn for a few more bags.

We quickly filled those with a combination of Jonathan and Cortland apples.  The trees were on the small side, but there were plenty of apples to be foraged.  We were happy.

Apples are my favorite fruit!

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captured by Christine Anne

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  1. Still have all my apples to process, I can't get uninterrupted time when I have energy (I'm crashing daily about 3pm, leftovers from the flu virus). Maybe today...

    I especially love the first photo, with the empty tree and a hint of red spheres on the ground...

    Love you!