Monday, December 27, 2010

Simply Christmas

Our family went home for Christmas.  Home, because it is where I (mostly) grew up.  Home, because it really is a second home to all of us; it is a haven and a safe place where we can relax and just be ourselves.  This time it was for Christmas!

Christmas morning dawned, beautiful and promising.

The view through my kitchen window.

The gift for our family gift exchange was wrapped and ready.  This year we participated in a puzzle exchange.

What a blessed time we had to be able to focus on each family opening their gift!  No rushing through presents, not being able to see someone open that gift I thoughtfully chose.  Everyone shared in the laughter and mirth.

I had this puzzle made from a photo I took of them tubing last winter.

My (goofy) dad tries on his new bike helmet (a special gift from Mom).

Dad's gift to Mom--an artist's rendition of the church near their vacation home.

Time for our homemade Italian Christmas feast!

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. These are wonderful pictures, Christine. I love to see the smiles and happiness of family togetherness.
    that gift shot is gorgeous!

  2. Just beautiful and perfect! Christine, I see a treadle in the background of one of your you own one?

    Have a blessed day dear one!


  3. Beautiful family memories!

  4. Dear Christine,
    These photos are just too precious! My favorite one is your father with the bike helmet...this is my dad all over! Families are such a special gift from our to cherish and hold onto tightly!
    Have a blessed day,