Sunday, December 26, 2010

Open Heart, Open Home

What a special Christmas weekend!  Since our Christmas was much simpler this year, we wanted to do something special for Christmas Eve.  The Lord blessed us with the funds to purchase a huge turkey--20+ pounds of free-range yumminess!!

When both Fernando and I mentioned having another family over to share in His bounty, one name instantly popped into our minds.  That family said yes, and so we made preparations for the day.

Due to my still-aching  back, my chauffeur--Jacob the sweetheart--drove me on errands, one of which was to the grocery store.  We couldn't resist purchasing these tangerines, since the boys have an Uncle Matt.  How fun!

On Christmas Eve, early morning snowfall greeted my eyes as I came downstairs for a cup of tea.

Soon, our wonderful friends arrived; they greeted us with carols us before coming in to our warm house.  We joined in, singing with them in four-part harmony.  :)

We shared a day of games, laughter, dinner, laughter, dessert, laughter...  You get the idea.  :)

Finally, it is important to make sure that the family driver is well-rested for the nighttime trek home.  So we let him sleep.  But as I've warned in the past, if you fall asleep during normal non-sleep hours (in public, of course!), you will have your photo taken.  Thomas decided to have a little extra fun, and brought all of his singing birds down to keep an eye on the slumbering captain of the car.

As his sister gently nudged him back to consciousness, many hands happily squeezed the birds for a cacophonous wake-up call.  Birdsong and laughter--what a melodious end to the day!

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. How wonderful to bless another family, too!!! Beautiful Christmas memories :)

  2. Christine...This is truly the way to celebrate the Birth of Our Savior. By celebrating with others His gift to the world :)

    I know that you will take a bit longer to recover from back pain. This kind of pain is not easy and it lingers...boy, does it linger.

    Praying my friend, that you will begin to heal slowly. Keeping you in prayers :)


  3. Thank you for having us over for Christmas eve dinner ~ we *were* blessed!
    Enjoyed the food, fellowship and fun.
    Hope your back gets better quickly! Meanwhile, 2 of us have gotten sick ~ me with a cold/flu mix, and Gem with a sore neck/swollen glands. So glad we had such fun before getting sick!!!! LOL! :-)

  4. I love the tittle of this post, my friend. It's such a joy to open our homes for friends. We too had a house full this Christmas, only I don't get to post pictures, most of our friends don't care for their pictures in a blog.
    The dice, what a gorgeous shot.

  5. I love the way you photo journal! You capture the mood and atmosphere as well as the beauty of the moment. Such a gift!
    Beautiful dog. Is it a boston? We had one for years.