Monday, December 6, 2010

Night of Laughter

Looking back on past blog posts, it seems I use the phrase "my dear friend ___..." quite a bit!  I'll try to refrain from that in this post.

My wonderful friend Lori (how's that?) and her family have been hosting Friday Game Night throughout this autumn, and we've been happy to attend every one of them.  This past week was extra special since her house was packed with people--laughing, smiling, cheerful people ready to play and have fun together.  :)

I started the evening with a headache (actually, it had lasted the entire day), but by evening's end I was headache-free, albeit exhausted and ready to fall into bed (which I did upon returning home!).  I laughed so hard, pretty much all night long.  I must've lost two pounds from all the calories expended.  :D

Anyway, I'm glad I brought my camera with me, since there were so many interesting game faces displayed.  The photos above show those serious chess-player faces, absorbed in the moves and the strategies of the game.  But behind them some hilarity came to light...

I knew when these ladies showed up, that I'd be laughing a lot.  A minute or so after taking the above shot, I found myself sitting in the dining room, an unwitting player in the game of Curses.

Now, don't worry--though it's not a specifically Christian game, we weren't dancing around a cauldron or anything.  I won't explain in detail; I'll just state that you had to act out what was printed on the "curse" cards that other players gave you.  If you forgot to act something out, you "broke" the curse; once you broke three curses, you were out of the game.

photo courtesy Stephen Martin (I think)

Though it's hard to capture the "acting out" part of the game, hopefully the next several photos will help you understand the silliness involved!

 Bryan was required to bite his tongue while talking,
and at the same time play "air guitar."

Bryan could handle it for only so long...he broke in the end (giggle)...

Enjoy (most of) the rest of the evening's photos--I'm posting some special ones on my photography blog.  Check them out there!

Had to post one photo of Lori's Christmas tree.  Lovely!!

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne


  1. Christine,

    It is so much fun to get together with others and just enjoy game nights.

    We have something like this in our church, but not for youngters but for the older ladies...every Thursday :)

    I truly enjoy your pictures dear friend :)


  2. I smiled and giggled as I read this and viewed the photos! It is such a joy to host this evening, and having you all over is like therapy for our book-weary brains! There is NOTHING like a good belly-laugh to cure what ails you!

    Love you my WONDERFUL friend!

  3. Christine,
    These are fun pictures of happy people. Oh my goodness if laughing for one night would make me loose 2 lbs, I must come and visit you all for 10 nights straight LOL.
    Love that first shot, beautiful and yummy!!!!!