Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prayer Request

God is good.

I have a prayer request for my dear online friends.  This morning I woke up with a slightly sore back, but by the time I had taken a shower and gone downstairs, I could barely move.  Thank the Lord I already had a chiropractor appointment scheduled this morning.  Plus baking cookies is out of the way.

I had fallen "up" the basement stairs yesterday, wrenching my left arm and "rug-burning" my right hand.  It may have been the cause of my back going out.  But whatever the cause, I am in considerable pain.

We had recently defrosted our two freezers, and all the ice packs--including the squishy one we use for "ache" issues--were still lying on the floor of the basement.  It's now getting cold in the freezer, so I must wait for some relief.  Thank you to those who will pray for me; I deeply appreciate it.  I'm going back to the couch to lie down now...

God is good.

Back to life,

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  1. Oh Christine, I am sorry that you hurt yourself. Pain of any kind is just not good.

    Father...your daughter Christine is hurting. You know that she is so needed by her family. Lord, heal her quickly. Calm the spasms that come with this type of injury...and Lord give her comfort and peace that she will get better soon.

    In your Blessed Name...Amen.


  2. Hello. I am just getting to know you through Lori. I will gladly pray for you! Hope by now you are on the mend and off the couch. Blessings

  3. I got your prayer request, and I'm praying dear one! I said this to Andy F. when his back went out last year and wasn't getting better...I know you don't like to take pills, but an anti-inflammatory might be your best friend right now. When my back goes out, I take ibuprofin, 600 mg every 6 hours for 2 or 3 days. Andy's back wasn't getting better, it had been well over a week. He finally gave in and took Motrin, and got better very fast. With the inflammation, which DOES have a protective function to a degree (it's the body's "straightjacket" to keep you from dancing with a bad back), as long as you are slow to move and careful, the relief of some of that inflammation WILL allow your muscles to relax around the spine and allow the spine to get into better alignment, thus stopping the pinching off of the nerves and alleviating some of the pain. You'll still be stiff and sore, but it may keep the screaming pain to a minimum, and allow you to at least walk around a little bit. In addition, I use heat (moist is best if you have a moist heating pad) to help relax the muscles. It's the best way I've found to get me out of a lower back wrench. Just a thought, I know this is the 2nd time it's happened to you in a short time. How's your wrist/hand now? My poor friend!

    Love you, dearest...hope finals went okay for Jake and Danny :-)

  4. I am praying for you. I know how hard it is when your back hurts. Mind has gone out many times. Praying that you are feeling better.


  5. Wow... I hope that it isn't anything serious!
    I'll be praying for you!

    Today is a bad day for me too... I just chipped one of my front teeth... :{ We're going to see a dentist on Friday.


    PS. God is good! :) He has a reason for everything He does!

  6. Dearest Father, Please touch Christine's back and heal her ache with Your perfect healing touch. You are the Almighty Physician and we praise Your name for answers to prayer. ~Amen

    Praying for you. I can fully relate the painful agony of back pain.

  7. A little late, but I'll be praying that your body heals quickly and that you are able to sleep well.

  8. I saw this as I was leaving my house for the afternoon yesterday, and I prayed for you. I hope the chiropractor helped you. I am so sorry, it sounds like it was a nasty fall too.

  9. Oh, Christine. I'm so sorry to hear how you've been. I hope you feel better now. Will be praying for you now. God bless you me friend.

  10. Dearest ladies in Christ!

    I have felt your prayers. Though the pain is still high, I have been uplifted in the Lord the last 24 hours. I feel His presence keenly as I suffer, knowing that He has allowed this in my life for His glory.

    Again, God is good.

    Love to all,