Monday, June 7, 2010

Grounds of Naper Settlement

I've attended church on these grounds for the past five years, but never really noticed our surroundings.  Well, until now, when we've reached the probability that we will be moving to a larger location--a government school building.  The building really doesn't matter.  But, it made me realize how blessed I've been to be surrounded by beauty each Sunday morning.

Bleeding heart

Pink rose

Buttercup (just guessing)

What is this one?  :)

Bug on rose

Side view of leaf

Surely God's beauty surrounds me each week, if I just stop and look.  What an amazing Creator I serve!


  1. That other one looks like a flower... :D

    Ok, Ok... I haven't stopped joking around. :)

    But yes! Thinking back on it, I love how old the buildings look, and how they keep the grounds there. But that's what man has made... If we look at what God has made (like those flowers), we should be awed by it!


  2. Yes, buttercup. The one you don't know...what did the leaves look like? Patsy would probably know if you ever get back there with her. :o)