Friday, February 12, 2010

Paper Doll Memories

In perusing others' blogs today, I came across this link to Noble Rose Press.  They are offering paper doll collections for sale.  I know I don't have daughters.  I know I'm too old!  But, I just had to check it out!  Sweet memories returned of my own paper dolls.  I distinctly remember cutting them out and carefully folding the tabs on the dresses. 

I love the fact that some children today still have an imagination, and that the t.v./video age hasn't destroyed their minds to the point they wouldn't know what to do with this 2-D pastime.  When my own were little boys, a box was enough to engage them.

Okay, high-tech plastic thingies worked, too!  Today, these same boys, as teenagers, aren't afraid to get down on the floor with the younger ones and play their hearts out with swords, blocks, or story-telling.  Little boys, get out those blocks!  Little girls, play with those dolls--and help take care of mama's babies!!

By the way, I still pray for daughters!  Who knows?  :)    And soon enough, I may have daughters-in-law, and the dream of granddaughters.

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